Public Review: CSA S413:21 Parking structures

As reported to the SWA membership at its Annual General Meeting in November 2019 and again in December 2020, the Sealant and Waterproofing Association committed financial resources to the CSA Group to assist in, and aid with, the re-write of the CSA S413 Parking Structure Design Standard. One of the association’s Board of Directors submitted an application to be SWA’s representative on the Technical Committee as a Voting Member in the User Interest Category, which CSA accepted.

The first draft has now been completed and CSA has recently announced a public review period for the CSA S413:21.   

The public review period is an opportunity to review the standard and provide comments or concerns to the CSA Technical Committee before final adoption. This standard has a direct impact on the design and construction of parking structures for many of SWA’s members. There are many changes to the standard, including changes to waterproofing and expansion joint seals. You are welcome to review and provide your comments.

The period of review is 60 days, with the review period expiring on April 1, 2021. The “Public Review: CSA S413:21 Parking Structures” is accessible through the following link:

Public Review: CSA S413:21 Parking structures

SWA is proud to be working with industry stakeholders on this very important initiative.